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What is Window Film?

Window Film is made up of a series of layers that is based with a polyester layer sandwiched between a scratch-resistant coating (SR) and adhesive coating, which adheres the film to glass.

Depending on the type of film, they may be metalized and dyed hereafter to complete the manufacturing process.

Window films are used to boost the performance and safety of existing glass in houses, buildings and vehicles. In simple terms, window films are used as a ‘retrofit’ solution. The uses of these films improve the external appearance of the glazing, and increase comfort and protection for the occupants.

Why Solabloc™ Window Film?

Whether the purpose is for solar control, safety/security, automotive or privacy, there is sure to be a quality Solabloc window film type to fulfill the need! Solar control window films (automotive and architectural) help minimize glare and hot-spots; reduce solar heat gain and energy consumption; and virtually eliminate damaging UV radiation. Safety and security window films perform as protective layers that will help embrace fractured shards of glass together if the glass should shatter. Safety films are also available with solar control properties.

More about Solabloc™

Solabloc™ Window Film originates from a highly experienced manufacturer in Israel, namely Hanita Coatings and are solely exclusive to the New Zealand market from Glasslines. “Hanita has nearly 30 years of experience in metallizing, multilaminate laminating and chemical coating for diverse industrial applications. We have drawn on this professional knowledge and capacity to build a compact, consistent and innovative window film line. Our proprietary manufacturing processes allow us to produce films equal or superior in performance to almost all window films available on the market today,” Hanita Coatings.

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