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Welcome to Acorn Glass Tint

We offer glass tinting expertise and quality like no other.

Having serviced the greater Waikato region for more than 40 years, Acorn Glass Tint can eliminate many safety and cosmetic problems house owners experience – such as insulation, glare, fading, privacy and safety – by applying one of their many kinds of polyester films to the inside of your existing glass.



For your home

As well as adding style and privacy to you home without sacrificing your view, window tinting your home has the following features & benefits:

  • Property protection – protects furnishings, fabrics, carpet, and wood against fading and damage from the sun’s rays.
  • Personal protection – filters out cancer causing UV.


For your business

In addition to the above benefits, commercial and industrial applications include:

  • UV blocking films to protect stock from fading and perishing due to sunlight.
  • UV blocking to protect employees who are exposed to sunlight through windows. Normal clear glass does not provide any form of UV protection.
  • Smash and grab protection for front windows.


For your safety

Create an invisible layer of security to help protect your loved ones and assets from weather, intrusion, and impact.

  • Toughens glass
  • Cost effective
  • Intrusion deterrent

Heat Reduction

UV Protection

Glare Reduction

Safety & Security

Cost Effective


We stop UV rays fading & destroying your fabrics, furnishings & furniture. Ultra-violet rays cause fading and rotting of fabrics as well as drying, cracking and splitting of wood. You don’t need to hide behind drawn curtains. Sun control film lets you enjoy the view while blocking out 98% of UV light. Our glass tinting also cuts out glare on your computer & television screens.

Choose a colour to match your decor with the degree of reflection you require for privacy. You will save on the long life of your furnishings and will reduce the need for curtaining.

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