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Reasons why you should tint your glass…

Window tinting creates comfortable environments in the car, home and office.

Acorn Glass will ascertain your priorities in order to recommend which film will be most effective for your circumstance.

Heat Reduction

Reduce heat coming in through windows – improve your personal comfort.

U.V Protection

Prevent fading of fabrics and furnishings – keep your interior looking new

Glare Reduction

Reduce glare making it easier to watch TV and view computer screens.

Safety & Security

Toughens glass and holds it together in the event of impact.

Cost Effective

Saves energy without replacing your windows.


Stop your neighbours intruding on your private life.


As well as adding style and privacy to you home without sacrificing your view, window tinting your home has the following features & benefits:

  • Property protection – protects furnishings, fabrics, carpet, and wood against fading and damage from the sun’s rays.
  • Personal protection – filters out cancer causing UV.
  • Safety – helps hold together glass in the event of forced entry, accidents or natural disasters.
  • Comfort – filters out heat in summer and insulates against winter heat loss making your heating and cooling systems more effectively.
  • Money saving – conserving energy saves on heating and cooling bills!


In addition to the above benefits, commercial and industrial applications include:

  • UV blocking films to protect stock from fading and perishing due to sunlight.
  • UV blocking to protect employees who are exposed to sunlight through windows. Normal clear glass does not provide any form of UV protection.
  • Smash and grab protection for front windows.
  • Creates comfortable working environments by reducing glare on computer screens and the amount of heat entering the building.
  • Saves money by reducing heating and cooling costs and staff absenteeism in extreme weather.
  • Enhances overall look of an office or retail location.
  • Protects vulnerable windows from graffiti damage through scratching and paint/chemical attack– saving you time and money and insurance premiums.

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